1. Age 2: Apparently, one day, I just walked up to my mother and said "no more diapers."
  2. Age 5: In first grade, I always chose the easy books during free reading time, so my teachers thought I couldn't read. When my mom found out, she asked me what was up, and I told her that I was going to read ALL of the easy books first because otherwise I would never read them.
  3. Age 7: In third grade, I was in my elementary school's read-a-thon play. I played a Southern cowgirl named Miss Lurlean. I refused outright to wear the blonde wig that the director (a mom/actress) gave me.
    What a brunette diva.
  4. Age 8: My mom took me on a trip to Washington DC in 1999. I refused to go on a tour of the Whitehouse as a personal protest against the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal.
  5. Age 12: In seventh grade I refused to wear any clothing with a brand name or logo visible.
    It was the height of the Hardtail/Juicy trend in LA. I even found a jean jacket without a logo on the buttons.
  6. Age 12/13: In eighth grade, I refused to wear leather.
    My poor mother had to find me appropriate black flats to wear during my bat mitzvah. (No heels allowed during bat mitzvahs at my temple because they increased the danger of the bat mitzvah girl accidentally dropping the Torah and everyone present being required to fast for 40 days.) Brilliantly, we went to Payless, home of fine faux leather goods.