Supplement as needed to create sufficient drama if your personal gimmick/tragic backstory is not compelling.
  1. Mother
    You disagree with her taste. Either it is tacky or it's too conservative. But if she doesn't cry when she sees you in the dress, you won't Say Yes.
  2. Person Who Is Paying For The Dress
    You will act with either utter disregard for the budget or grudgingly admit that it would be nice if this person at least likes the dress. Sometimes doubles as Mother.
  3. Friend Who Is Convinced That You Must Buy A Dress That Is 3x Your Budget; Does Not Offer To Chip In
    Especially if you're buying your own dress.
  4. Bridesmaid Who Is Really Shopping For Herself
    No, but I just love a mermaid silhouette...on you!
  5. Bridesmaid Who Wants You To Get Outside Your Comfort Zone
    "What about this pink one with all the feathers?"
  6. Bridesmaid Who Is Just Looking Out For Your Interests And Whose Comments Will Be Cut From The Show
  7. Maid of Honor
    Make a point of distinguishing this friend from your other friends. Make viewers wonder what your other friends did to forfeit the top spot.
  8. Fashion Forward Friend
    Bonus: He is your "bridesman".