Based on the photos, as, sadly, I cannot read the Cyrillic alphabet
  1. Bro time at the gym with Putin
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  2. Post-gym tea/booze bro time
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  3. Hanging with Joe Lynn Turner, former frontman of 70s pop/rock band Fandango
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    This was 2 weeks ago. 65,000 likes.
  4. Cheesin'
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    This got 196,000 likes, if you were wondering
  5. Flirtin'
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  6. Christmas sweater glam shot!
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    Three years ago
  7. Christmas sweater VIDEO!
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    Two years ago
  8. Russian Government Officials: They're just like US!
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    In that they get bored on airplanes and take wing photos out the window.
  9. Cats!
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    This is when I really regret not being able to read the captions. The caption ends with a ":)"
  10. Artsy
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    This only got 4,000 likes, but, to be fair, his Instagram was pretty new when this was posted
  11. Patriotic ski lift photo op with Putin
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  12. Everyone in my 7th grade photography class took this photo, too!
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  13. Laughing it up with the Zuck
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    This was 151 weeks ago. Obviously this would be an imprudent post in today's geopolitical climate.
  14. This is just here because everyone else's outfits are amazing and I want to know how they got to the top of this mountain if the PM required skis.
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  15. Giving in to our common human desire to stand next to statues and mimic their positioning
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  16. "Look, I'm just as much of a badass as Putin!"
    045d6e88 d1f4 47ee 9f39 ff648de8df4b what I imagine the caption says.
  17. A for effort, but you can't out-Putin Putin.
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  18. #nofilter
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