In honor of my current haircut.
  1. Nice, missing Amy (Gone Girl)
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  2. Up-to-something, evil Amy (Gone Girl)
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  3. Straight-haired Claire, having none of sexy Chris Pratt's advances (Jurassic World)
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  4. Wavy-haired Claire, saving sexy Chris Pratt's life (Jurassic World)
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    Totally what my hair looks like after falling into a river while running from a T-Rex
  5. Paris Geller playing an attorney (HTGAWM)
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  6. Evil clone (Orphan Black) [note to wardrobe: the pirate eye patch may be overkill?]
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    Disclaimer: I'm only on Season 2
  7. A bunch of nice clones (Orphan Black)
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  8. Shelby-from-the-past (Quantico)
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  9. Shelby-from-the-future, who is sleeping with her ex-with-daddy-issues's dad and is no longer friends with our protagonist (Quantico)
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