I needed to get to heck out of dodge (DC).
  1. 1:30pm Saturday: Arrive
    Tiny plane. Turbulance.
  2. 2pm: Lunch at Weaver Street Co-op's salad bar
  3. 4pm: Lie down for two hours and read Amy Poehler's Yes Please
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  4. 7:30pm: Dinner at Venable
    A glass of Pinot Grigio, fried green tomato caprese salad and a banh mi.
  5. 9pm: Concert at Cat's Cradle: Mipso with Josh Moore
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    My uncle, a retired pediatrician, wanted to see this local indie/folk/bluegrass band because he has a doctor friend who is their manager. My uncle plays five instruments and is in a band called Elderberry Jam. He is way cooler than I will ever be. Also I really liked Mipso. Recommend!
  6. Midnight: Bedtime!
  7. 10am Sunday: My uncle briefly shows me how to play the mandolin and gives me a crash course on the history of modern Bluegrass.
  8. 11am: My aunt and I drive out to Hillsborough, take a brisk stroll along the riverwalk, and eat lunch at La Place, which, I discovered, has amazing biscuits. Then we get some chocolate to go from a local shop.
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  9. 2pm: My aunt and I meet my uncle at this tea farm/tea house out in the country. It is adorable. There is a band. I am afraid of flying bugs.
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    Upon leaving, my uncle says he hadn't seen this many hippies since 1968. (I have. I visited Boulder, CO in July.)
  10. 3pm: On our way home, we stop at a local ice cream place--Maple View? We taste three flavors and get three pints to go.
    Double chocolate peanut butter, Carolina crunch, Orange Dreamsicle (my uncle's choice, which everyone else avoids and silently judges)
  11. 3:30pm: We all go to separate rooms to lie down. I read more Yes Please.
  12. 5:30pm: I poke around downstairs to see if anyone is stirring. My aunt and uncle are sitting in the den, planning. I join them.
  13. 6:30pm: We go up to the attic and pull out two twin headboards and footboards that my aunt and uncle are donating. They used to be my cousins' and before that they were in my mom's childhood bedroom.
    My aunt told me this story and nearly started crying/decided to keep them, but she stayed strong in her decluttering. I also kind of wanted to keep them.
  14. 7pm: My aunt goes to pick up my cousin, who is going to stay over.
  15. 7:01pm: My uncle tries to teach me the Travis fingerpicking technique on the guitar. He is a guitar wizard and I will be practicing this alone in my apartment until I see him again at Thanksgiving.
  16. 7:45pm: My aunt and cousin return. We all pick leftovers out of the refrigerator for dinner. My uncle tries to find a way for us to watch Frozen, which only my cousin has seen.
  17. 8:15pm: Frozen was unavailable on Netflix or OnDemand or to rent anywhere online, so my uncle caved and bought it on iTunes, but there is a DHCP error so we give up, and decide to watch something else.
  18. 8:30pm: We put on episode 7 of Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries because it is not too dark or too sexy and I want them to like it and start watching together from the beginning.
    My aunt and uncle need a new show because my aunt won't watch Mad Men. My mom won't either. I think it hits too close to home (they are both in their late 60s) and is therefore not fun to watch.
  19. 10pm: Miss Fisher's has been a great success (even though I forgot that some of the sexy stuff was included in this episode), but everyone is exhausted and we all go to bed.
  20. I leave at 8am tomorrow. This impromptu trip was a genius move. Family can be a great and familiar distraction, and Chapel Hill is 💯.