I ventured far to the NW (of DC) near the MD border to visit the Humane Society and look into adopting a cat. Also I have a job interview in this neighborhood next week, so I thought I'd check it out.
  1. A "Hebrew Funeral Home"
  2. Soupergirl: A soup-themed restaurant
    Thank goodness they've finally got gazpacho. I can't imagine the soup business is booming in DC in the summer. (It's a swamp, have you heard?)
  3. A store for "the socially conscious pet"
  4. A vegan restaurant, which looked delicious, and also is a bar
    Probably where I will meet my future spouse, and together we will adopt a socially conscious pet, obviously.
  5. An old timey sign for an "Electric Maid"
    The future is now
  6. A second location of one of my favorite DC restaurants: Busboys and Poets
  7. A "Masonic Center"
  8. Some adorable houses
    Did you know there was suburbia like this within the DC city limits?
  9. Unusual street signs
  10. CATS
    Could that face/presence in a cage say PLEASE ADOPT ME any louder?