Because, guys, I really don't know.
  1. Guy from my improv class, which ended in November, emails me in January with a question about a Supreme Court case because he has "decided to...sophisticate [himself]."
  2. Email two contains this note after his signature: "By the way, I'm actually trying to make more of my trips up to DC on Saturday, and always looking to see/try new things after class ends. If you'd ever want to meet up, you should let me know."
  3. I am, in fact, working on a DC bucket list, so I invite him to join me at a museum.
  4. His response assumes we will be going to dinner? "I know I'll be hungry afterwards, because... well, I am always hungry. Are any of the restaurants on your list nearby? If not, I'm sure there will be a place that's both good and close."
    He also says my career choice is "noble"?
  5. His response includes: "So, your bucket list excursion idea is exactly the kind of thing I was looking for! Do you know a place you'd like to start? I could be open this Saturday."
  6. I list some museums.
    Not even all the museums on my list. DC has a lot of museums.
  7. We meet at the selected museum.
  8. We hug hello.
    We never touch again.
  9. He has researched the museum and suggests we go on the guided tour beginning in half an hour.
  10. Over the course of the afternoon, he interrogates me in great detail about my educational background/job search.
    He seems unduly impressed?
  11. After the museum, we walk around until we find a restaurant without a wait.
  12. I try to hold the second door open for him and he literally says "Nope. I can't let you do that."
    He is from Texas. Is that relevant?
  13. We eat. Sushi. One drink each. We're there for about 2 hours.
  14. He insists on paying.
    (I dislike this but never know how to respond beyond attempting to pay and being refused?)
  15. He seems like maybe he's going to suggest we go to a bar but then says he's guessing I'm the kind of person who goes to bed early...?
    I kind of jump on this. I can be that person but also we've been hanging out for 5 hours at this point and I'm social but an introvert so I'm exhausted.
  16. So then he says, "Well, I don't know if you'd want to, but maybe we could do the same thing next Saturday...?"
  17. And I say, "Sure, but maybe a different museum."
    I've got all the jokes, guys. Don't you want to date me?
  18. And then I walk with him until he finds his car because this is my hood and he lives an hour an a half away and I think he's going to get lost. He makes a joke about how this should be the other way around.
  19. We say goodbye standing like three feet apart on a street corner.
  20. Date or no?
  21. Update: Readers, it was a date.