1. "Are you looking to meet new people in the area that have been here for a while who is also Jewish?"
  2. "Interested in the secret of life?"
  3. "Ohhh you wanna be an immigration attorney huh? You should help my wife and I :) we are working on getting her here from The Netherlands"
  4. "Bonjour! Tu est la plue jolie demoiselle que j'aie jamais vue! Voudrais-tu venir dîner avec moi?"
    Nothing on my profile indicates that I speak French.
  5. "Hola you."
    To be fair, I do speak Spanish.
  6. "Um. Hi. Anyways, I feel you appear attractive and consequently would like to explore the possibility of enhancing your life by means of exposure to my awesomeness."
  7. "I hold a bachelors in Finance & Accounting and an MBA from a ranked business school."
    Ranked, you say?
  8. "Our babies would have killer teeth."