I'm a third-year law student in a clinic that represents asylum-seekers.
  1. Compiled 2,270 pages of legal brief/annotated table of contents/affidavits/declarations/expert reports/highlighted country condition reports/newspaper articles that my clinic partner and I have been writing or gathering for the past 11 weeks.
    To be fair, we actually started the printing and compiling yesterday because it takes FOREVER.
  2. Divided those pages into 5 versions of the same document stack, with the originals of everything in the copy for the court.
  3. Hand-paginated, tabbed A-CC, hole-punched, and bound them.
    Technology is useless in the face of court-mandated formatting requirements.
  4. Found out that the originals of some signed statements were mistakenly routed to Israel and won't arrive in time to be submitted.
    DHL would like to apologize for this "miss-sort" but only after we call to ask why the tracking info says that our documents are both in NY and Tel Aviv and they tell us that they are held up in customs at JFK but then they call back to revise that because they are actually in Israel.
  5. Replaced the place-holder pages for these documents with scanned copies of those documents emailed to us by the signers.
    Which thank goodness we have! Scanning is not that easy where these docs are coming from.
  6. Realized that the annotated table of contents says that our expert psych report begins on page 86, but it begins on page 85. Reprinted this page of the ATOC and fix it in all five copies.
  7. Realized that we had an extra copy of the CV of Tab J's expert in Tab G. Replaced in each stack with two pages that say "This Page Intentionally Left Blank" to avoid repaginating pages 92-454 in all five.
    Even after our "final check" with the clinic's office manager.
  8. DONE.
    9 hours later.
  9. Ready to be submitted tomorrow morning bright and early to the Baltimore Immigration Court and served on the Office of Chief Counsel at DHS!
    Say hi to my clinic partner Caroline! Together, we are Team Bearoline 🐻
  10. ((Public interest law is super glamorous, guys!))