Personal Best Practices. Sometimes I still have to actively stop myself from saying these.
  1. Guilty pleasure
    Why? Just love your Scandal/Bachelor in Paradise/Say Yes To The Dress with all your heart. Don't be ashamed! Everything we love need not be the equivalent of weaving our own robes from cotton we grew and spun ourselves.
  2. Spirit animal
    This is an actual, meaningful thing to actual people. Still searching for a pleasingly non-appropriative synonym.
  3. Tomboy
    Brought to my attention by a list I can no longer find (sorry!!!) but, basically, why must it be notable that girls have "boyish" qualities/why must it be a "phase"/why is there no equivalent for boys/why can't we all just be who we are and like the things we like and not make pink pens targeted specifically at women's ladyflower hands?
  4. Gypped
    Guys, this comes from the word Gypsy, a group of people who are real and exist. Do I say "Indian Giver"? (Hopefully no?)
  5. Basic
    Loaded with judgments and complications re: consumerism, race, class, gender