My fave unplanned moments. Sometimes those are the best.
  1. When my siblings and I basically commandeered our parents' kitchen and made approximately 13 kinds of Christmas cookies, holiday puppy chow, and homemade chex mix.
    And then proceeded to eat most of it in the time we were there. The commandeering was planned. That was not.
  2. When my parents' neighbor stopped by on Christmas morning with a plate of cookies and caught us up on the local gossip
    Apparently the township is putting in a path behind their houses and many people have opinions about it?
  3. When my mom fell asleep while we were watching The Grinch, and one of the dogs carefully jumped on the couch so he wouldn't wake her up
    And then fell asleep next to her. It was adorable.
  4. When my mom got my dad a Neil Diamond cd, and my brother and I looked at each other and both made the same joke about dad going in his room and crying because mom gave a gold necklace to someone else
    Love Actually addicts unite.
  5. When Penny's and Macy's had $10 off of $10 coupons at like 7 a.m. on the 23rd, and my dad spur of the moment went with my sibs and I
    He shook the manager's hand, was super pleased with his free socks and t-shirts, and took us to Bob Evans for breakfast after.
  6. When the new choir director at church skipped the song that my sister and I usually have to do a ridiculously high solo descant on
    We are quite solidly altos. It was like our own Christmas miracle.
  7. When like 15 Harry Potter themed presents were given and received because old habits die hard
    I myself got a shirt, 2 ornaments, and a butterbeer flavored chapstick and made one of my sisters a Hermione nutcracker.
  8. When we ate Christmas dinner in our pjs but still used the fancy glasses
    Our family does enjoy juxtaposition.
  9. When my dad and I drank coffee together and talked about traditions
    And how when they change, it's almost always different but not worse.
  10. Happy Belated Holidays, fellow li.sters!