Fictional Men I Am Attracted To (TV Edition)

Started as fictional men in general but alas, there were too many.
  1. Killian Jones, Once Upon a Time
    The jacket. The hook. The general swarthiness. A bad boy you can still take home to your mother.
  2. Klaus Michaelson, The Originals
    Dem lips. A bad boy you can't take home to your mother because he would probably kill her.
  3. Denny Duquette, Grey's Anatomy/Jason Crouse, The Good Wife
    These are two completely different characters but they are somehow equally appealing to me?? So I guess just Jeffrey Dean Morgan? Not as Negan, though.
  4. Finn Polmar, The Good Wife
    The glasses do it for me. God bless TGW's costumer. Also, this gif looks unintentionally sexual, sorrynotsorry.
  5. Ben Wyatt, Parks and Rec
    We'd talk about Harry Potter for hours and then he'd make mac 'n' cheese pizza.
  6. Chuck Bartowski, Chuck
    We'd talk about music for hours and then go on a super cool spy mission.
  7. Daniel Sousa, Agent Carter
    Supportive and kind and wonderfully incapable of being emasculated. Have I mentioned that I miss Agent Carter? I miss Agent Carter.
  8. Greg Serrano, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend
    The kind of hapless romantic I can get behind. This list has a lot of hapless romantics, actually. I'VE FOUND MY TYPE EVERYBODY.