Prickly TV Characters I Adore

I have a bit of a thing for sometimes unlikeable, but always badass female characters.
  1. Regina Mills, Once Upon a Time
    Delightfully snarky, and with one of my favorite character development arcs of all time. Watching her friendship with Emma change from the pilot to now has legit been the best part of OUAT for me.
  2. Cat Grant, Supergirl
    Still seriously devastated that Calista Flockhart isn't a series regular anymore. Such a badass boss lady, and her scenes with Melissa Benoist were aces. Give me all the ladies mentoring other ladies.
  3. Petra Solano, Jane the Virgin
    So unapologetically bitchy, I love it. Her "1 step forward, 2 steps back" friendship with Jane was maybe my favorite part of last season.
  4. Paris Geller, Gilmore Girls
    My original fave. No spoilers from the revival, but her scenes are truly spectacular. Paris the hilariously blunt forever.