Pretending seasons exist is the Michigander's noblest and most fruitless pursuit.
  1. Started drinking tea again
    Papaya, red velvet, watermelon lime, and apple cinnamon. And yes, 2-3 of those should really not be teas.
  2. Cruised Walmart for autumnal scents for my wax melter
    Found one called pecan pumpkin cake and good lord is it amazing. They already have an entire fall section, so I'm clearly not alone in this, o.k.?
  3. Dyed my hair a darker, kinda reddish blonde
    Who knows if the red will stay in, but it looks very fall-ish now.
  4. Discussed apple picking at least once daily with mi familia
    Specifically, when honeycrisps will be available and that we should each get a pumpkin AND an apple donut.
  5. Pondered a purchase of Pumpkin Spice Nutri-Grain bars
    Why yes, I AM that obnoxious person who must try literally every PS product available.
  6. Reminded my dog that he'll be playing the Max to my Grinch this Halloween
    He did not look thrilled. Last year he was Captain America, so I guess playing his own species is a bit of a letdown...