I live with my sister, and we're ridiculously into a good sale. Broke 20-somethings stock UP, baby.
  1. 8 bunches of bananas
    29 cents/lb, how could we not?
  2. 15 bags of coffee
    This is all me. I live in fear of the coffee-pocolypse.
  3. 7 bottles of creamer
    Also mostly me.
  4. 6 tubs of hummus
    We are to hummus what Leslie Knope is to waffles. Please do not give me my yearly total, J.J.
  5. A bushel of apples
    In our defense, it seemed dumb to go to an orchard and pick half of one.
  6. 23 kinds of tea
    Approximately. My love of hot beverages runs deep.
  7. 10 jars of natural peanut butter
    We're both obsessed with natural pb. Come to think of it, we have many foods that meet the Leslie Knope waffle standard.
  8. 20 slices of frozen pizza
    PSA: Leftover Domino's or whatever your mom orders when you go for dinner can be frozen to make a sucky day a PIZZA day.
  9. Have I mentioned that we love food? We love food.