I'm very good at being happy. It seems like a weird thing to brag about, but I truly believe it's a skill. I'm a big proponent of experiencing whatever you love as often as you can. Especially now.
  1. My dog Beasley
    Loves Netflix and snuggling, doesn't ask to share my snacks. Great boyfriend substitute.
  2. Social media
    I'm pretty solidly an introvert, so interacting with people from the comfort of my couch is really a dream come true.
  3. Avacados
    I am OBSESSED with avacados, but they're only sporadically well-priced in MI. Have been known to buy tons when they're on sale.
  4. Going to Horrocks
    Basically a giant indoor farmer's market. Has awesome produce and free specialty coffee. The latter combines my two greatest loves: caffeine and free stuff.
  5. My wax melter
    I love scented candles too, but this distributes scents a little better and works as a super cute lamp while doing so.
  6. Drinking coffee in bed
    The best and really only way to ease into my day.
  7. Finishing a piece of writing
    Nothing more satisfying than hitting send or post now on something I'm finally proud of.
  8. TV couples
    I blame Donna and Josh, Castle and Beckett, and Luke and Lorelai for my unrealistic relationship banter expectations.