TV's Best Platonic Friendships

Give me all of the support and mutual respect with none of the sexual tension.
  1. Leslie and Ron, Parks and Rec
    A friendship based on that great uniter: breakfast food. I still can't hear "Buddy" without getting emotional.
  2. C.J. and Toby, The West Wing
    There were a ton of great friendships on this show, but I love how quickly these two could tell when something was wrong with the other.
  3. Peggy and Jarvis, Agent Carter
    I'm still so impressed that their banter never got flirtatious in any way. His investment in her love life was adorable. #BringBackAgentCarter
  4. Meredith and Alex, Grey's Anatomy
    One of Grey's biggest victories is that these two haven't slept together. Though I wouldn't put it past Shonda to do it just when we think it's safe.
  5. Sarah and Casey, Chuck
    Chuck was suuuch a great show, and I love how their relationship deepened as the series went on. The scene where he sees her in her wedding dress is so dang sweet.