What do you do?
  1. Pregame dinner with one taco from DOS TOROS and one slice from BLEECKER STREET PIZZA
    Two appetizers for five dollars!
  2. Visit THREE LIVES & CO bookstore
    Ask for Toby or Troy! They will steer you toward your next favorite!
  3. Hit SOCKERBIT the Swedish candy store on Christopher Street
    It's more than candy! I got some soap made of lingonberries!
  4. Take a shot of whiskey at BOBO to quicken the digestion of your taco and pizza
    This place Bobo always reminds me of @fats
  5. Look at the daylight it's 6:48pm can you believe it?!??
  6. Dinner's not til 7:15!
  7. Reread the lines you underlined in your copy of Hilary Mantel's AN EXPERIMENT IN LOVE
    Party like it's 1995, way way way before Wolf Hall. So good it's about Hilary as a schoolgirl
  8. Smell that lingonberry soap
    It smells great
  9. Look at that evening daylight
  10. You're almost there!