My new pet procrastination habit is reading dinner menus. Here are a few I've tried recently and LOVED
  1. The Pines
    Gowanus, Brooklyn. A run-down little hideaway with some of the best food in the borough, hot nasty tunes, and some bonkers cultured butter. We love it so much we took @dev there when he visited.
  2. Willow
    Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. Romantic, scrumptious, veggie-friendly, best brunch deal in town.
  3. La Pecora Bianca
    Flatiron, Manhattan. Blame it on the sheep logo, blame it on the pear salad, blame it on the negroni menu (a menu of assorted negronis!!), blame it on the homemade whole grain pastas with tons of Parmesan, I'm in love 🧀🐑
  4. PizzaMoto
    South Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. Ughhhh I could not love this pizza more. Pistachio pesto pizza. Green salsa pizza. Can you believe it I can't believe it.
  5. YunnanBBQ
    Lower East Side, Manhattan. You want the duck egg fried rice and the Chinese michelada. And the soy chili brussel sprouts and the greens and the entire menu.
  6. Poppy's
    Cobble Hill, Brooklyn. This private kitchen does mostly catering (e.g. lunches for Vogue mag) but they open up every other Saturday 10-4 and it is a dream come true.
  7. Mexicue
    Midtown, Manhattan. I had never heard of this small Mexican chain but it's some of the best guac in town and they manage to get a lot of kale and sweet potatoes into everything which is a bonus of wholesomeness
  8. Timna
    East Village, Manhattan. Haven't been yet but going Jan 6 and I'm PUMPED. Supposed to be baller baller baller Mediterranean. Okay guys get eating!