These are just the ones I hit on a regular basis. I know there are tons more and can't wait to get suggestions.
  1. Sal's in Carroll Gardens
    A perfect plain cheese and a super garlicky margherita if you're fancy. Crispy crust either way.
  2. Franny's in Park Slope
  3. Arturo's on Houston Street
    Ambience boosted by live jazz piano and amateur paintings by Arturo himself. Coal oven pizzas with the sauce over the cheese omg. Blackened crust. Pesto spaghetti! Arugula salad.
  4. Olio e Piu in west village
    Kind of schmaltzy place but delicious bubbly pizza
  5. Lucali
    Hello. The big one. Thin, airy, essential. Worth the wait. Try a calzone on the side.
  6. Kesté
    Makes pretty inventive pizzas like with walnut sauce. Not bad!
  7. Pizza da Solo
    Kosher pizzeria based out of a small nook in the Sony atrium. A gem.
  8. Sottocasa on Atlantic Ave
    Flavorful and fresh and near the YMCA!
  9. Bonus slice: Suprema
    You may have heard of this place near Penn Station that makes the ultimate slice. It really is the best slice I've ever had. If you're not hungry enough for a whole pie (why not though?) go to Suprema and then take a train to New Jersey. 🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕🍕❤️