This is the best language of them all
  1. Jo
    My #1 favorite. It means "I say yes, even though you say no."
  2. Kjærlighet
    Means "love." Why use four letters when you can use nine letters and an "æ"?
  3. Selvfølgelig
    Literally means "self following," used as "for sure!" or "of course!" Like, of course I will come over for dinner, I would only be following my true self.
  4. Nydelig
    "Lovely." People tend to drag out the "y" to express exactly how lovely something is. Extremely lovely would be nyyyyyyydelig.
  5. Kjempe
    Super-sizes anything. Kjempefint (super good) kjempesulten (super hungry) kjempenysgjerrig (super curious)
  6. Jordbær
    Strawberry! Literally means "earth berry." 🍓Where did we get "straw" from, anyway?
  7. Å
    Means and sounds like "oh!" As in, "Å! I'm so surprised!"
  8. Fin
    Cognate! Means "fine." "Så fin du var!" (How fine you were!) is the biggest compliment you can receive in Norway, where they deliver praise in the past tense so nothing gets too emotional.
  9. Ekte
    Means "authentic." Ekte honning = real honey 🍯
  10. Herlighet
    Glory, a sense of gloriousness.