1. Open the keyboard (make sure it's charged!) 🤗
  2. Phone/IPad settings > Bluetooth > on
  3. Zagg keyboard: press > fn and Bluetooth keys (@ same time!) you will see a blue light on top right fold (Btw: it doesn't stay lit, so watch for it).
  4. FYI - fn
  5. FYI - Bluetooth
  6. Tip: if you don't see the light blink (it's not working!!!) pick the keyboard up, and let it rest in your hands, while pressing both of the buttons (fn + Bluetooth). 🤓
  7. To pair with Apple: press > fn + I = A yellow light will flash 3 times.
  8. To pair with Android: press > fn + A = purple light will flash 3 times.
  9. Good luck! I got my Zagg to work! Hehe 🤗