Learning in a different way shouldn't mean learning the wrong way.
  1. No more standardized tests.
    They just don't reflect the true knowledge and ability of every single student.
  2. Adequate government funding for the arts in every community in every state.
    Every child should be exposed to the arts and have the opportunity to explore their interests.
  3. Eliminate Common Core teaching.
    It is more confusing and time consuming than necessary.
  4. Institute lesson plans that are easily adaptable to every student's needs.
    Have students practice peer learning and work in groups helping each other.
  5. Block schedule lessons.
    Take the entire morning to learn a concept in science, perform an experiment that supports the lesson and then discuss the results. Take the afternoon to dive into a time in history and then relate it to how it differs from today. In short... Take the time. Larger blocks of time devoted to a subject will help to retain the material reviewed.
  6. Teaching through positive feedback and encouragement.
    Nothing shuts down a young mind faster than feeling like someone doesn't believe that they can achieve.
  7. Reinforce kindness between classmates and reward the entire class for good behavior.
    No more student of the week or month. Every student has the ability to be exemplary and singling out one over another can cause animosity. Encourage teamwork and reward as a team.