1. We will never have a shortage of Dunkin Donuts.
    There are 5 within 2 miles of my house.
  2. In regards to the aforementioned Dunkin Donuts, people here wait for pumpkin spiced coffee and donuts to be released as soon as the school bells start ringing in August.
    For real.
  3. You are never far away from the ocean.
    Beach days in the summer can feel like a mini vacation for just $10 and a 15 minute drive....that's some pretty reasonable relaxation therapy (if you're down with sand and seaweed).
  4. Even some of the smallest homes have a boat trailered on the lawn.
    Hey, you can't beat fresh fish and a day on the water.
  5. You are okay with sharing the outdoors (and I mean everywhere) with ticks.
    Tick checks are a part of life and kids learn the difference between dog and deer along with their ABCs.
  6. The way the air smells in the chill of a fall night.
    Wood stoves and fireplaces mixed with falling leaves. It's pretty awesome.
  7. The small towns and celebrations that bring people together.
    From trick or treating in a quaint downtown village, tree lightings and 4th of July parades... There is always something to look forward to.
  8. You've known the person at the post office by name for ages and they give you a root beer barrel whenever you come in.
    This might happen everywhere but I love it so I'm listing it. 😉
  9. There is no shortage of seafood.
    Just go down to the haabaa. (Harbor)
  10. The brilliance of turning leaves.
    The colors are stunning.
  11. Block Island
    What summer was always meant to be.