The magic of belief... 🔔
  1. Christmas wish lists
    When your child asks you to mail their handwritten letter to Santa (after much thought and countless revisions). This is one of the most precious displays of faith and belief that you are likely to ever encounter.
  2. Seeing the neighbors decorate with lights and sleighs and ornaments.
    An evening drive becomes the destination.
  3. The childlike feeling of wonder that comes over you when watching your favorite holiday film.
    Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas still tugs at my heart when hearing the first notes of music play.
  4. Christmas Carols
    There's nothing like wrapping presents to "Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree"!
  5. The scent of fresh pine that fills the room after placing the tree in the stand.
  6. Christmas Cards
    With lovely, handwritten, personalized sentiments and well wishes.
  7. Holiday drinks...
    The naughty and the nice. 😉
  8. Rudolph noses, antlers & wreaths on cars.
    Yeah, the spirit of those people makes me smile.
  9. Traditions
    From ornaments to stocking gifts (Lifesaver Storybook, anyone?) and a Christmas Eve reading... these are the things that will be remembered.
  10. Hope & Generosity
    Whether it's donating a toy to a local youth program, anonymously paying a family's layaway, giving to the Salvation Army when hearing the bell, or adopting a family through an organization... The generosity shown by people during the holidays strengthens my belief in humanity and the good that resides in this world.
  11. So... Cheers!
    May you all have an amazing holiday season!