An impromptu essay in honor of someone close to me who is reaching a milestone.
  1. Help me!
    I'm less than 10 yrs old and I have no idea what's going on. By the end of this I need to know how to communicate, tie my shoes, read, and ride a bike.
  2. I see what's going on.
    Ignorant at the start, 'know it all' by the end. Hopefully I can temper my ego enough to be a reasonable person. I'll most likely learn to drive, seriously hurt someone emotionally, and lose my virginity in this round.
  3. What the shit is going on?
    If I'm fortunate I've graduated college and taken some of the rough edges off my personality. I'm learning what my life's work will be and refining how I wish to move through the world. In many cases I've found someone to share my life with and we're now raising someone who is helpless.
  4. People of a certain age.
    I want to help people. I've found my groove and found some comfort in life. I genuinely want to help others find the same. How do I do this? I'll do anything for my kids, but I can't always be certain that I'm achieving the desired effect. I have some deserved pride in what I'm accomplishing.
  5. Where are they going.
    I can no longer catch my children coming home from their lives at 2am. I just want to know how, where they are; I want to sit in the same room with them. I know they're in the middle of building something for themselves but I can't help but wonder what that is. I'm watching an industry I've worked in for decades evolve; I'm trying...but I'm not sure I still belong here. Every now and then, I get to show the wealth of my experience. I love those moments. I've worked so hard and I'm still trying.
  6. Begins tomorrow.
    I don't know what's next...but I know the players and I know that I'm in. All my chips are on the table an I am here to play. Deal 'em.