Fantasy celebrity BFF list

we have IRL besties but what about people we could only imagine being best friends with?! here's my list of celebrities I would totally be besties for a day with if I could!(subject to adding more as I think of them) *Feel free to share your celebrity BFF's with me too!*
  1. J.Law
    She loves food for starters. She seems like such a genuine soul and a hoot to hang around! We'd totally spend the day eating wings and pizza and probably do something fun and random. She's a down to earth girl who tells it like it is.
  2. AB, Antonio Brown
    May I first explain to y'all my love for this football player? Lol. He is just so beautiful to me and has that killer smile. We'd drink herbal tea together and I'd cheer him on during all his practices. He has such a positive aura about him that makes anyone wanna be in his presence. I'd also ask him to show me some new moves he learned from DWTS! We'd take a lot of usies and jam out on the way to Heinz Stadium. #CUEUPU
  3. Khloe Kardashian
    Because you KNOW I had to include a Kardashian on this list. And who better than KoKo herself?! I think we'd get along totally amazing and have a blast running wild and doing crazy things just to get a laugh.
  4. Wiz Khalifa
    You know what 'weed' spend our days doing! Hahaha. We'd roll up some KK in our RAW cones and light up. We'd make some munchies and watch some funny movies. Maybe even get a tattoo together. His would say NYC and mine would say WIZ. And I'd bring my cat Whiska Lifa to meet him too.
  5. Queen B.
    The queen herself! This ones easy. I'd just wanna cruise with her and sing all my avorite songs of hers at the top of my lungs with her. Then we'd stop for froyo.
  6. Bianca Del Rio
    Out of all drag queens I think Bianca and I would mesh so well. She's super sarcastic and we could laugh all day long. I am a fan of so many of the queens but Bianca has always stuck out to me. We'd have dinner with my family then meet RuPaul and Michelle Visage for drinks later in the night.
  7. Ciara
    I have ALWAYS been a fan of ciara as an artist but also a person in general. She just seems well rounded and an easy person to get along with. Totally jealous of the fact she's engaged to Russell Wilson but i wouldn't want anyone else for him. Russell, her, baby future, and I would visit the zoo and aquarium in Seattle then head to Pike's place for the gum wall and pick up some macaroons. Then finish the night with a ride on the giant wheel.
  8. Miley Cyrus
    Who wouldn't wanna be best friends with miley?? Come on now. Shes crazy and spontaneous. We'd smoke some J's (outside of the house of course) then take a stroll down the beach with her boo. Maybe catch some live tunes at a bar.