my days are always a little brighter and hood-er listening to the following people at least once every day.
  1. Ty $ sign
    He's Daddy af. Not too ratchet but just the right amount. Those eyes and those lips doe. I can't pinpoint a favorite song because they're all my favorite.
  2. Wiz Khalifa
    TGOD. Been a fan since day 1. He's from my football teams city. Not to mention if I ever own a cat its name would be Whiska Lifa.
  3. TI
    Yasssss lawd, speaking of daddy.. Since I ever layed eyes and ears on him and his music he won me over.
  4. Eminem
    Now I've never been a fan of Caucasian rappers but he just does it right. His music just tells a story and makes you feel like you know him a little better with each and every single. He truly is a genius.
  5. Ice Cube
    Member of the original NWA. Gangster rap partial founder. His rhymes are raw and real from a day in his life. Music has come so far from what it was back then. But this is the root of that style of rap. #WestCoastBestCoast
  6. Macklemore
    If you enjoy thrift shopping
    Suggested by @jojonichole