family sitcoms r lyfe. I'd still stream if I can.
  1. Leave it to Beaver.
    Ward, June, Wally, and the Beav. They were definitely family goals. Wally was so handsome and his BFF Eddy was the bad boy of the bunch. The Beav was always getting into pickles but nothing his strong family structure couldn't help him through. Life lessons on fleek.
  2. The Brady Bunch
    America's favorite family.. What more can I say? It was always my dream to have a huge family but growing up watching them made me feel like I was apart of them. They were funny AF. And taught values not just any show could. Marcia Marcia Marcia!
  3. The Munsters
    Legit my favorite family. So weird and quirky yet they believed they were like any other normal family. No matter how many stares they received. We all should be that way. Our families may be weird or dysfunctional but you love what you got and make the most of it.
  4. F.R.I.E.N.D.S
    Still my all time favorite show til this day. Whenever you need a laugh or just a pick me up. I end every night with an episode of two to maintain happiness throughout the night. Monica, Rachel, chandler, Joey, Phoebe, and Ross.. Y'all my friends for life through constant reruns and Netflix streams. Thanks for the laughs.