Television comedy seasons that either finished or began in the year 2015. (In alphabetical order)
  1. Bob's Burgers (Season 5)(Fox)
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    Favorite Episode: 5.19 "Housetrap". Bob on drugs. Louise as a true detective. Teddy in love. This has it all.
  2. Bojack Horseman (season 2)(Netflix)
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    Favorite episode: 2.11 "Escape from LA". Some of the episodes of Bojack lean heavier on drama than comedy, and this is a prime example of how well both can be blended together.
  3. Inside Amy Schumer (season 3)(Comedy Central)
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    Favorite episode: 3.3 "12 Angry Men Inside Amy Schumer". Paul Giamatti has never been better than when he whips out a dildo and throws it on the table in this episode.
  4. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia (season 10)(FX)
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    Favorite episode: 10.4 "Charlie Work". The "Birdman"-esque episode is a technical achievement but also hilarious watching Charlie try to pass the health inspection with little help from the gang.
  5. Louie (season 5)(FX)
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    Favorite episode: 5.3 "Cop Story". Watching Louie awkwardly deal with obnoxious people isn't anything new, but the way he handles dealing with an old friend for a night is funny and, surprisingly, touching at the end.
  6. Master of None (season 1)(Netflix)
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    Favorite Episode: 1.6 "Nashville". The perfect "date" Dev has with Rachel is fun to watch, but it's the ending of this episode due to a decision Dev makes that puts this episode slightly above the rest.
  7. Nathan for You (season 3)(Comedy Central)
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    Favorite Episode: 3.1 "Electronics Store". This is a bit of a cheat because the season isn't over, but it's already that amazing. I could watch Nathan Fielder interact awkwardly with people for a lifetime.
  8. Rick and Morty (season 2)(Adult Swim)
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    Favorite Episode: 2.9 "Look Who's Purging Now". Morty losing his shit and going on a killing rampage is a sight to behold and hilarious.
  9. Silicon Valley (season 2)(HBO)
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    Favorite episode: 2.6 "Homicide". Watching Dinesh & Gilfoyle debate whether or not to let Blaine die was the greatest thing ever.
  10. Veep (season 4)(HBO)
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    Favorite Episode: 4.8 "B/ill". Watching Richard and Jonah vs Dan and Amy is some amazing stuff. Also Gary getting a moment to shine as a bedridden Selena's translator is very funny.