The first half of 2016 has had some very interesting and great releases. Here are 10 I'd recommend that were released from January-July (IN ALPHABETICAL ORDER).
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    10 Cloverfield Lane
    Every minute of this was tense. EVERY. MINUTE. 🎥 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016) - Mary Elizabeth ...
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    Captain America: Civil War
    I don't always go crazy for superhero movies but there is no denying this one is pretty great. 🎥 Captain America: Civil War, Trailer
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    Don't Think Twice
    Very authentic and real. Loved the whole cast. 🎥 Don't Think Twice, Trailer
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    Green Room
    RIP Anton 😭. Loved him and Imogene Poots in this film so much. 🎥 Green Room, Trailer
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    The Lobster
    Strange and fascinating in every frame, this totalitarian love story will have you thinking about several scenes after it's finished. 🎥 The Lobster | Official Trailer HD | A24 - YouTube
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    The Nice Guys
    Gosling was seriously funny and this was classic Shane Black all the way. 🎥 The Nice Guys, Trailer
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    O.J.: Made in America
    An expansive tragedy-documentary of the rise and fall of much more than just OJ Simpson. 🎥 O.J.: Made in America - Trailer - YouTube
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    Sing Street
    So much fun and charm. 🎥 Sing Street, Trailer
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    The Witch
    A slow burner but very very creepy when it knew to be. There are still a few images from this film that creep up in my mind from time to time. 🎥 The Witch, Trailer
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    Love a good mystery and found this so enjoyable throughout. 🎥 Zootopia, Trailer