My 4 day weekend allowed me to watch 4 great films.
  1. Spotlight
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    "Spotlight" is exciting, frustrating, and terrifying. It's an excellently tense film with great performances from EVERYONE. This would make a great double feature with "Deliver Us from Evil" (2006).
  2. Creed
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    Michael B. Jordan is so good. Sylvester Stallone is so good. This was so great from start to finish and I really loved every choice screenwriter/director Ryan Coogler made in this one.
  3. The Night Before
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    "The Night Before" was actually funnier to me than the trailers made it seem it would be. I understand there's indifference to Seth Rogen as an actor because he plays similar roles, but I thought he was hilarious in every scene of this movie. Plus Michael Shannon is 💯💯.
  4. The End of the Tour
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    This was a free digital download this past weekend on Amazon. I know very little about David Foster Wallace's personal life but was still very moved by the short 5 day experience David Lipsky shared with him. Jesse Eisenberg and Jason Segel were both great and I loved listening to them talk for two hours.