Requested by stars


As requested by @stars Many photos taken by @chambeh
  1. This is my cat.
  2. Her name is Duchess.
  3. We adopted her almost 2 years ago.
    This is the picture the shelter posted that instantly made us fall in love with her.
  4. She's a Norwegian Forest Cat
    They used to travel with the Vikings and have hair between their toes that provide "snowshoes" for walking on cold ground.
  5. All she cares about is money
    And the city that she's from
  6. She enjoys taking selfies in her downtime
  7. She also enjoys wearing a variety of hats like this one:
  8. Or this one:
  9. Or this:
  10. She can also be a very formal dresser
    Look at that bow-tie
  11. She enjoys sleeping most of the day.
  12. Except when she has nightmares.
  13. She's very affectionate
    She will lick your face for hours unless you move her away from you.
  14. Some have said she might have a weight problem.
  15. But she's not changing her diet anytime soon.
  16. She's infamous for waking people up in the middle of the night
    But then falls asleep next to you and all is forgiven
  17. Duchess likes to sit with one leg out
    She's very proper.
  18. As evidenced here:
  19. And here as well:
  20. All in all, she's an amazing cat