Requested by @stars
As requested by @stars Many photos taken by @chambeh
  1. This is my cat.
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  2. Her name is Duchess.
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  3. We adopted her almost 2 years ago.
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    This is the picture the shelter posted that instantly made us fall in love with her.
  4. She's a Norwegian Forest Cat
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    They used to travel with the Vikings and have hair between their toes that provide "snowshoes" for walking on cold ground.
  5. All she cares about is money
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    And the city that she's from
  6. She enjoys taking selfies in her downtime
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  7. She also enjoys wearing a variety of hats like this one:
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  8. Or this one:
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  9. Or this:
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  10. She can also be a very formal dresser
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    Look at that bow-tie
  11. She enjoys sleeping most of the day.
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  12. Except when she has nightmares.
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  13. She's very affectionate
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    She will lick your face for hours unless you move her away from you.
  14. Some have said she might have a weight problem.
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  15. But she's not changing her diet anytime soon.
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  16. She's infamous for waking people up in the middle of the night
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    But then falls asleep next to you and all is forgiven
  17. Duchess likes to sit with one leg out
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    She's very proper.
  18. As evidenced here:
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  19. And here as well:
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  20. All in all, she's an amazing cat
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