Shia LaBeouf should inspire these people.
  1. Daniel Day Lewis
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    Would love to see his face as we all watched "Nine".
  2. Jennifer Lawrence
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    How would this not be the most fun thing of all time?
  3. Bill Murray
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    1) because I picture it like the scene from Zombieland 2) it's interesting to see his career progress from raunchy comedies to art house dramas 3) Bill Murray on a live stream watching his movies would be extremely entertaining in its own right.
  4. Robert De Niro
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    I read once that he says he's never watched his movies so what better way for him to do that than a marathon live streamed to the public.
  5. Samuel L. Jackson
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    It would last months.
  6. Julianne Moore
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    Magnolia! Boogie Nights! The Big Lebowksi! She's incredible.
  7. Matthew McConaughey
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    Because he has a good blend of really great movies and really terrible ones.
  8. Rachel McAdams
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    Would like to guess based on her face which time travel movie she made is her favorite.
  9. Michael Cera
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    Just because.