"That's the beauty of what actors do, that you only have yourself as a resource. And so the trick is to find something in them that you connect to somewhere. And with every single one of my characters, I have to find something that I really understand and ultimately believe." -Julianne Moore
  1. Maude (The Big Lebowski)
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    The hair. The accent. Hilarious.
  2. Linda Partridge (Magnolia)
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    Julianne Moore might be the best scream-cryer on film on this movie really emphasizes that.
  3. Amber Waves (Boogie Nights)
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    A flawless performance.
  4. Charley (A Single Man)
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    She's in very few scenes but is so memorable.
  5. Cathy Whitaker (Far From Heaven)
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    Very very subtle performance that so great.