5 favorite performances. 0 oscars.
  1. 1.
    Jordan Belfort (The Wolf of Wall Street)
    Every scene of Leo on quaaludes is gold, but my favorite is where he is about to tell his employees he is leaving Stratton Oakmont, his own company, but then decides to stay mid speech. It's one of my favorite acting moments from him ever.
  2. 2.
    Howard Hughes (The Aviator)
    The final scene of Leo repeating "The way of the future" solidified this as one of his greatest performances.
  3. 3.
    Calvin Candie (Django Unchained)
    This is Leo at his most fun and it's intoxicating to watch. Plus I love the way he says "Wha-te cake".
  4. 4.
    Frank Abagnale Jr (Catch Me If You Can)
    Leo at his most charming. My favorite scene is when he escapes police custody (again) to run to the home of his estranged mother, only to see she has moved on with her "new family".
  5. 5.
    Frank Wheeler (Revolutionary Road)
    This is one of Leo's angriest and saddest performances. My favorite scene is when Frank erupts at John over dinner for pointing out how much of a coward he is.