"I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things." -Kanye West
  1. 35.
    BONUS: Can't Tell Me Nothing (by Zach Galifinakis) Bound 3 (Seth Rogen & James Franco) Famous (Aziz Ansari & Eric Wareheim)
    3 videos have been done by comedians set to Kanye's music and they are pretty funny and also just great music videos. Check them here: Zach: https://vimeo.com/89713217. Seth & James: http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=nRckgn36lzY. Aziz & Eric: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q821mNXNw-I
  2. 34.
    Coldest Winter (808s and Heartbreak)
    This is just...bad.
  3. 33.
    Can't Tell Me Nothing (Graduation)
    A very underwhelming video for such a great song.
  4. 32.
    Love Lockdown (808s and Heartbreak)
    Kanye is stuck in his beige apartment alone and heartbroken but occasionally a tribe interrupts him.
  5. 31.
    Amazing (808s and Heartbreak)
    Very nice location shots. This almost feels like Kanye went on vacation and someone filmed it.
  6. 30.
    Ni**as in Paris (Watch the Throne)
    I feel this should've been a lot better and just comes off as kind of lazy.
  7. 29.
    Heard 'Em Say (Late Registration)
    Kanye really loves his animation. This features grainy black and white footage of Kanye and Adam Levine while intercutting roughly drawn versions of Ye and others.
  8. 28.
    Paranoid (808s and Heartbreak)
    This features Rihanna even though she doesn't have a verse in the song. She drives in the dark on a twisty mountain seemingly trying to escape Kanye's werewolf. Sort of comes off as a glorified lyric video.
  9. 27.
    Black Skinhead (Yeezus)
    CGI Kanye dancing on a black screen. It's aight.
  10. 26.
    Welcome to Heartbreak (808s and Heartbreak)
    I like the VHS tape throwback and all the colors feel very 90s.
  11. 25.
    Good Morning (Graduation)
    Interesting cartoon that takes place in a futuristic time with the story credited to Kanye.
  12. 24.
    Stronger (Graduation)
    Kanye gets operated on by Daft Punk in Tokyo and becomes some sort of super human.
  13. 23.
    Lost in the World (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
    Features pretty great black and white visuals.
  14. 22.
    Good Life (Graduation)
    A very animated and colorful video that's pretty fun.
  15. 21.
    Homecoming (Graduation)
    Shows a lot of Chicago and has visually interesting effects featuring Chris Martin.
  16. 20.
    The New Workout Plan (The College Dropout)
    Pretty funny.
  17. 19.
    Diamonds from Sierra Leone (Late Registration)
    Kanye preaches about the dangers of blood diamonds including a cool part where a woman's engagement ring engulfs her hand in blood. Featuring kids in creepy contacts.
  18. 18.
    Power (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
    This is a short video but I love the epic camera pull out. If this was a painting I'd buy it.
  19. 17.
    Jesus Walks (Version 2) (The College Dropout)
    A lot going on in this one. Prisoners, drug smugglers, KKK, and little girls jump roping. Pretty intense and I especially like the lights that form halos over Kanye's head.
  20. 16.
    Gold Digger (Late Registration)
    Kanye's dance moves in this are 💯
  21. 15.
    No Church in the Wild (Watch the Throne)
    Ye and Hov sit this one out and it's a pretty fucking intense video of the people vs the police.
  22. 14.
    Famous (The Life of Pablo)
    When you're famous, even your most peaceful private moment like sleeping can be interesting to an audience. Some find it disturbing. Some find it art. No one can deny it's evocative.
  23. 13.
    All of the Lights (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
    Features titles inspired by the film "Enter the Void" and as a lover of great title designs I was totally into it.
  24. 12.
    All Falls Down (The College Dropout)
    Kanye POV while he tries to walk his girl to her flight. One particularly great part features Ye's skeleton rapping.
  25. 11.
    Two Words (The College Dropout)
    The real film footage of Chicago mixed in with film footage of Kanye and Mos Def and Freeway creates a really nice look. I dug it.
  26. 10.
    Flashing Lights (Graduation)
    Simple and pretty badass.
  27. 9.
    This is a a really cool "one shot" effect with multiple doubles of Ye.
  28. 8.
    Heartless (808s and Heartbreak)
    Has rotoscoping techniques that gives it a vibe to be similar to the film "American Pop!". Pretty great stuff.
  29. 7.
    Minimalist style because the three amazing people in this video are enough to watch.
  30. 6.
    Monster (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
    Ye's controversial video (KANYE WEST "CONTROVERSIES" RANKED) features plenty of dead women, zombies, and ghouls and it's pretty entertaining. Nicki Minaj looks to be having the most fun out of the whole group and steals the show.
  31. 5.
    Only One
    Directed by Spike Jonze on an iPhone. Co-starring North West. Really great.
  32. 4.
    Otis (Watch the Throne)
    Aziz cameo! Just Ye and Hov havin fun and it's infectious.
  33. 3.
    Touch the Sky (Late Registration)
    Pretty great play on 70s films featuring Kanye as daredevil Evil Kanevel about to ride a "Death Rocket". Also Pam Anderson cameos.
  34. 2.
    Bound 2 (Yeezus)
    Iconic. Classic. Amazing in every way.
  35. 1.
    Runaway (short film) (My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy)
    Directed by Kanye, this visually stunning 30 minute short film includes songs off his MBDTF album such as "Dark Fantasy", "Devil in the New Dress", and "Runaway"—the latter being featured in the film's standout sequence.