So many good new and returning shows in just one week 🙌🏼
  1. Vinyl ("Pilot" 1.01)
    On HBO GO. I like the esthetic of the show but might be putting too much pressure on it that it will be the dirty wild cousin to "Mad Men" (it does take place 2 years after MM ended). Whether it fills the void MM left in my heart or not, the premiere was fun and I'm curious to see where the season goes.
  2. Better Call Saul ("Switch" 2.01)
    On AMC. I didn't realize how much I missed Saul until 30 seconds into this premiere started. I'm so glad it's back.
  3. 11.22.63 ("The Rabbit Hole" 1.01)
    On Hulu. I've never watched any of Hulu's original programming and hearing the name James Franco can make a lot of people's eyes roll, but I dug this. I'm really excited to see where it goes next.
  4. Broad City ("Two Chainz" 3.01)
    On Comedy Central. I binged the first two seasons a month and a half ago and couldn't wait to have the third start. There were a lot of great things about this episode (just loved every bit of Ilana being stuck on something because of her bike chain) and it's a very promising start to the rest of the season.
  5. Love ("It Begins" 1.01)
    On Netflix. It seems like the series is going to really take its time building the relationship between Mickey and Gus which I'm all about and excited to watch unfold.
  6. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver ("Voter ID Laws" 3.01)
    On HBO GO. What a perfect episode...from the Chipotle commercial to Peter Jackson waving a New Zealand flag with a dildo on it. We've all missed you John Oliver.