Season 2 is airing now.
  1. When Fargo season 1 was first announced, I was skeptical
    "The movie was perfect, why make a series?" I asked no one in particular.
  2. But then I gave it a shot
    And I watched the whole season live. And I really, really, really liked it.
  3. I even bought this hat
    Worth every penny.
  4. So I couldn't have been more excited for season 2
    Which currently aired it's 6th episode tonight.
  5. And it's even better than season 1
    It's like season 1's more mature older brother.
  6. It's Very Cinematic
    The editing in season 2 is some of the best I've seen in a television series lately. What can I say, I love the split screens. The shots are beautiful too.
  7. The Accents are Amazing
    Hearing fantastic actors say things like "aw jeez" and "you betcha" will always bring a smile to your face.
  8. The Characters are Incredible
    Seriously. The heroes, the villains - I love them all. Mike Milligan might be the dopest character on tv right now.
  9. It's a Separate Entity from the Movie
    A carbon copy of the original material this is not. The humor and tone of the film transfer over to the series brilliantly, but all the characters and story are original. (But with a few nods to the movie here and there).
  10. The Coen Bros Approve
    They executive produce it! Apparently, they are never on set or leave notes but creator Noah Hawley makes sure they get every script and DVD of the episodes. The Coens have yet to complain about the quality.
  11. Please watch this series 🙏🏻