1. The movie I made was so good
    It was virtual reality and all my friends were in it
  2. Jill Kargman from odd mom out was in it
    I've met her and she really deserves it was how I felt in my dream
  3. Took place in an enormous factory
    I didn't want to leave it but of course I did I was terrified and couldn't get out. The chute from chutes and ladders kept bringing me back to the top and never leaving was the feeling I was feeling
  4. High school buddies were playing basketball with lizards and losing
  5. It was dawn in the dream and in real life
    Light came through those rafters and I prayed that soon I might be free
  6. My movie screened
    It had a great name like Leandra but I knew it wasn't that good--but it had a really terrific unstructured narrative--which only I appreciated