These may be very British problems
  1. Acceptable distance someone needs to be behind you to hold the door open
    If they are right behind you, it's just manors. But any more than 10 meters and you both just feel awkward and if you are the recipient, you end up doing that stupid run/walk. Not to mention the point you realise you are on a corridor with many more doors.
  2. Just walk past each other on the stairs
    It may seem polite to wait, but there's plenty of space and waiting just makes the other person run
  3. If you get cut off a phone call, the person who initially called, calls back
    Easy one. No more waiting for each other or both being engaged
  4. 3 times is not the maximum you can say 'excuse me?'
    We have all done it, after the dreaded 3rd ask we just guess what they said. Keep going, worse case scenario you will both laugh but at least the conversation was worth it
  5. Office birthdays
    I used to work on an office with about 365 people. So pretty much every day someone spent all morning dreading a shit cake and a card full of the same line 'happy birthday mate'. If people like you, you will already be heading out for a pint after work anyway.
  6. Missing a bus you were running for
    Don't break back in to walk and pretend you were not absolutely legging it in public. Just accept you look like an arse and bow