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  1. Uncle Don's Cabin
  2. I Know All the Words
  3. The Good Hombre
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Inspired by @Nicholas
  1. Shakiera Knightly
  2. Julia Louis C.K.
  3. Eminemily Blunt
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If you haven't seen Bob Ducca, look him up and you'll die of laughter
  1. Urethra Franklin Syndrome
  2. Backhair Lice
  3. Limp Finger Disorder
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Seth Morris created the baffling character Bob Ducca, and if you haven't seen him, look him up and you'll be happy you did
  1. Craig Michaelstamp
  2. Chuck Beef
  3. Ethan Rutabaga
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  1. Deal or No Deal with Seal and Jessica Biel
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  1. What's your favorite breakfast food?
  2. Do you feel any remorse for all of the terrible things you've done to your children?
  3. Many women who have fallen victim to the D.E.N.N.I.S. system have accused you of playing a part by picking up the scraps after mac swoops in. Your comment?
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  1. Bowlverine
  2. Gandalf the Pipe
  3. Frodime Baggins
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  1. M. Pipe Shyamalan
  2. Scarlett Bowlhansson
  3. Tom Danks
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Selections from my compendium
  1. Joseph Blazin-Levitt
  2. Mary Kate Bowlson
  3. Jennifer Puff Hewlitt
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  1. I wish P.O.D. made a podcast