14 Movie Titles With One Letter Removed

  1. 1.
    Godburger: Keenan and Kel Work at a Burger Joint and Find Jesus
  2. 2.
    The Ion King: Simba Goes to College and Takes up Science
  3. 3.
    'Uno' -Ellen Page and Michael Cera Have One Child in Mexico
  4. 4.
    'Raveheart' -Mel Gibson Takes a Chill Pill
  5. 5.
    'Rainspotting' -Ewan MacGregor Plays a Drug Addicted Meteorologist
  6. 6.
    'Hoe Alone' -Macauley Culkin's Parents Forget to Bring Him on the Family Vacation, so He Orders a Hooker
  7. 7.
    'Asablanca' -Humphrey Bogart Likes a Girl With a White Ass
  8. 8.
    'Hostbusters' -Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd Travel the Globe and Call People Out for Throwing Shitty Parties
  9. 9.
    'Nanny McPee' -An Unkempt Babysitter Can't Hold Her Bladder and Blames it on the Children
  10. 10.
    'Rankenstein'-A Scientist Creates a Human-like Being that Can't be Potty-trained
  11. 11.
    'Eternal Sunshine of the Potless Mind' -Jim Carrey sees Clarity When he Quits Smoking Weed, But as His Memory Improves, He Begins to Remember All The Shitty Movies He Made
  12. 12.
    'The Bi Lebowski' -Jeff Bridges and John Goodman Have Butt Sex
  13. 13.
    'Ill Bill' -Uma Thurman Kills Her Sick Husband
  14. 14.
    '50 Fist Dates' -Adam Sandler Takes Advantage of a Memory Impaired Woman by Fisting her Day After Day