If Game of Thrones Characters Wrote Autobiographies: Part 2

  1. The Worst Kind of Golden Shower
    By: Viserys Targaryen
  2. Lots of Cunts: A Detailed History of My Sexual Encounters
    By: The Hound
  3. Where the Wildlings Are
    By: Gilly
  4. How to Incorporate Your Accomplishments into Your Name
    By: Daenerys Targaryen
  5. My Niece, The Whore
    By: Lysa Arryn
  6. Ned Head: An Eternity Perched
    By: Eddard Stark
  7. My Strange Inclination Towards Mutilated Penises
    By: Ramsay Bolton
  8. Honor: Or Lack There
    By: Olly
  9. My Undying Love for Brienne of Tarth
    By: Tormund Giantsbane
  10. Worlds Greatest Dad
    By: Stannis Baratheon