Movie Plot News Headlines

  1. Good Will Hunting "Matt Damon Writes Script, Shares Credit With Illiterate Friend"
  2. Star Wars "Troubled Youth Finds Father, Disapproves of His Lifestyle"
  3. Every Tom Cruise Movie "Tom Cruise Plays A Tall Guy"
  4. The Sandlot "Old Man Makes Shitty Memorabilia Trade"
  5. The Lion King "Simba Has Sex With Childhood Crush"
  6. Home Alone "Disturbed Child Tortures Senseless Burglars"
  7. Titanic "Karma Strikes Teen Who Sneaks onto Boat"
  8. American Pie "Seann William Scott Propels into Typecast Hell"
  9. Billy Madison "Disruptive Man-Child Teaches Children Profanities"
  10. The Breakfast Club "Teens Revert Back to Normal Cliques 2 Days After Social Breakthrough"
  11. The Departed "All Characters Killed Off Due to Overload of A-List Actors"