Pictures From My Library In Tastefully Reimagined Scenarios: Part 1

The First Installment of the Tastefully Reimagined Saga
  1. A Fair Verbal Warning
  2. When Face Swap Ruins Your Family
  3. When You Think Ya Boy Might Have A Crush On You But You Tryna Play It Cool
  4. When You Hear Someone Quote Zoolander Across The Room
  5. When Simba Tryna Get Picked Up
  6. When You Foolin On Your Dad Cause You Get More Boob Than Him
  7. When Your Crush Only Dates Models
  8. When Ya Boy Ask For Dome But He Whip Out The Afro
  9. When You Hit That Behind The Back in Beer Pong
  10. When a Tinder Match Tries to Talk to You in Public
  11. When You Write a Paper on Adderall and You Think You're a Scholar
  12. When You Sneaking Out of the House and Mom's Sleeping on the Couch
  13. When You Just Sharted, But You Weirdly Enjoying It
  14. That Moment When You Realize You Shouldn't Have Bought a Covertible
  15. When Your Dealer Finally Picks Up and You Waiting on the Come Thru Text.