The College To Real World Transition Told With It's Always Sunny Gifs

Transitioning Between College and the Real World Can be Rough. You Hit a Certain Point and Finally Realize...
  1. You Can't Drink Every Day Anymore
  2. And You're Now Officially Eligible to be an Alcoholic
  3. You Need to Find a Way to Deal With Your Astronomical Student Loan Payments
  4. And You'll Probably Be in Debt Until Your Hair Turns Gray
  5. You Can't Walk to Your Friends Place Two Doors Down
  6. And Thirsty Thursday....
  7. Turns Into Lazy Couch Night
  8. You Actually Have to Wake Up Before 11 AM Five Days a Week
  9. And You Can't Skip Work Three Times Per Semester
  10. Your Body Finally Turns on You and Forces You to Fall Asleep Before Midnight
  11. And You're Nervous You Might Miss the Ball Drop this New Years
  12. But At Least Since Your Diet Now Consists of More Than Ramen, Easy Mac and Dining Hall Food, Your Poop is Finally Starting to Look Normal Again
    And I Think We Can All Find Comfort in That