1. Supermarket
    One is supposed to open any day now...for the last 2+ years.
  2. Bareburger (or other family friendly burger joint)
  3. Brunch place
  4. Sandwich shop
    With good sandwiches. Not a butcher shop that serves only cold cuts.
  5. More efficiently run bagel place
    Terrace Bagels are good but they need a better system. Wonder if that guy from Bar Rescue can help?
  6. Better chip selection
    The chip brands in this neighborhood are from the 1980s. All Utz and Herr's.
  7. Sandwich shop
    I really need at least two places for good sandwiches
  8. Place I can get a salad for takeout
  9. Burrito place (Calexico would be great)
  10. A better slice joint
    Enzo's does not cut it
  11. Another bar
    Double Windsor is great but that's all we got
  12. Bar with outdoor seating
  13. Frankie's 457