1. I enjoy reading and discovering new books/authors.
    If you send me a book, tell me why you loved it, or think I'll like it.
  2. I'm a sucker for office supplies.
  3. I will never have enough scarves.
    Yea. I know. It's not THAT cold in Los Angeles.
  4. I have a Pinterest account: @thegreatbernsby
    This may or may not be helpful in giving you a sense of the wide range of ridiculous crap I enjoy.
  5. Candy and childish toys will pretty much always win me over.
    Kites, kazoos, Legos, temporary tattoos ... If it thrills a 6 year old I'm probably into it.
  6. So will lip gloss.
    Yes, even the super cheap drug store kind.
  7. Anything your home town is known for? I want one!