Inspired by @alligeeshow
  1. Sarah McLachlan is my favorite artist
    We have all heard that song a trillion times
  2. America sucks
    I don't care how crappy this nation gets, I will always be proud to be an American
  3. Michael Bublé's Christams album is horrible
    That album is by far one of the best albums to get yourself into the Christmas Spirit
  4. Upper Class Rich families are all respectable.
    I worked at a Country Club for three summers, and I learned that statement was far from the true. Very few of those families had manners and actually respected the "people who brought them their margarita"
  5. Everyone deserves something from the government
    I believe that the government should not give money to those who do not deserve it. Our welfare program is too large.
  6. Love that guy Donald Trump
    Hell no. Hell no. Hell no. If we elect that guy, there will be a war because of him and what he does. He is truly an idiot dealing with the public. He is not "a common man's man"